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 Political Action  –  Educated the community on local issues via events, Facebook, website and Instagram; conducted 7 Pop-Up Voter Registration events; supported state and national voter engagement campaigns; hosted a sheriff’s & commonwealth attorney forum with approximately 300 attendees. Education- Met with Amherst County Director of Curriculum, Dr. Norman,  and the superintendent of  Amherst County schools,  Dr. Well to advocate for Black and minority student higher performance achievement; hosted a voter  education forum for approximately 200 attendees; advocated for “woke’ policies to address book banning (Opt Out Policy); provided feedback on VDOE Social Studies curriculum. Supported Amherst Cares and Amherst High and Middle schools toiletries project.  Scholarship– Awarded a $2500 scholarship to MyKaya Davis, an Amherst County High School class of 2023 graduate. Outreach Activities – Hosted the Martin Luther King Day Celebration at Scott Zion Baptist Church; organized a bus trip to support the MLK 60th anniversary March on Washington; investigated the African American Lost Cemetery Project. Equal Justice Initiative hosted a table at the Juneteenth Festival to raise awareness of mass incarceration, excessive punishment and racial inequality and plan to erect a historical marker in Amherst. Fundraising – Hosted a Mother’s Day Plant & Bake Sale and the 1st Annual Juneteenth Festival with more than 1,500 attendees, 30 vendors, and 5 food trucks in attendance .Publicity & Press – Published our first newsletter on July 17th followed by 2 more editions and wrote several editorials in both the News and Advance and the Amherst New Era Progress.

 As a member, you’ll make a difference each and every day in this fight and become part of a vibrant community of people who stand for justice and equality. The NAACP relies on the commitment and dedication of our members to help us stand up to racial disparities that are still far too prevalent in America. 
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